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Updates to The Untouchables are on Sundays, weekly.

Latest Updates:

April 22nd, 2019

Wow it's been some time!

Update. My apologies for not keeping this updated. Life has been quite wild. Lots of things have changed...and a lot of things have not happened. First, that story I talked about in the previous update? Hasn't been started. I still want to make a puzzle sort of, manga sort of thing, but when or how? I'm not sure. But everything else is pretty okay. Life has been pretty busy and I'm juggling a lot...but I'm having fun, and that's what matters.

Updates for Comics:

Untouchables Chapter 2 has been completely art'd! I just need to do the letters and I'll have more to post. Going to sit on it for a bit though as I start pencils for chapter 3. I also took some time to sit and script out the next few chapters...so I have some direction! Cool things on the horizon!

Tyotus Buckets series has been re-titled to be "The Navigators". I finished Issue #2 and will be releasing shortly...thinking about charging money for it...but I'm not sure. It's my best story yet! Way better than the first!

THROUGH is 4 pager I thought of when I kept having roaches come into one of my classes. Check it out in the Mini Projects section of the site! Completely written and illustrated by me.

So a lot has been happening. I want to do more coding stuff/game development...I just need to get some new ideas. But, I'm confident they'll be coming soon. Thanks for rocking with me. Keep creating!

January 20th 2019

Happy New Year!

A quick update...I've been trucking away at inks for Chapter 2 of the webcomic. I'm loving the way my art style has developed...and I really like the story telling of this chapter. I'm getting better at drawing things I want to, and it's pretty exciting.

I'm considering pushing back the release of chapter 2. As I ink, and will soon begin to color, I am reconsidering why I want to release by February. I, initially, wanted to do it to stay consistent...but then I realized...I don't have a readership haha. Why am I putting these intense timelines on myself, when no one is looking forward to it? I'd much rather take my time, enjoy the process, and put out things I consider quality.

With that being said, I might start back first week of February, or I might not, and that's okay. I'll figure out what I can release during the month instead.

Some good news though! Development on Kitchen Warz has begun, and I've come up with a new story I want to write. This one will be more long-form. I can't wait to share the main character!

Keep Creating.

December 30th 2018

What a year!

I wanted to take some time to thank everyone who has/is visiting this page. It has been fun updating the Untouchables and posting my other projects here. We're only getting started.

I am considering using this page as a timeline of posts. I've noticed that I left this, and only updated the webcomic. However, I'm working on other things too! So, starting in 2019, I'm going to use this place as a "Update" space. I'll be posting screenshots of things I'm working on!

I can't wait to share.

July 21st 2018

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